International financial dialogues

The aim of financial dialogues is to forge and foster close contacts with key partner state authorities involved in financial matters and facilitate a regular exchange of opinions and experiences as well as collaboration in areas of mutual interest. This includes exchanges on the international financial system and on financial market policy and regulation as well as positioning in international financial forums. Financial dialogues also provide an opportunity to voice the market access concerns of the Swiss financial sector and other bilateral issues with the relevant country.

Relations with key countries – particularly G20 members and leading financial centres – were intensified during these contacts. In 2015, for instance, Switzerland held talks with Brazil, China, the EU, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Poland, the United Kingdom, the United States and, for the first time, with Canada and Singapore. The content and form of the financial dialogues vary according to the partner state. While a broad range of topics was discussed with Japan and emerging market countries, the focal point of the talks with the EU and the United Kingdom was financial market regulation matters. Dialogue with the USA in 2015 also covered issues regarding the international financial system along with financial market regulation. Talks with China primarily focused on the internationalisation of the renminbi.

The SIF intends to further pursue the dialogues initiated and to extend them to other countries where appropriate.

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