International tax policies

As a small, open economy, Switzerland relies on an attractive tax policy. The tax burden is also moderate by international standards. Switzerland's tax policy serves to ensure tax receipts and strengthen the attractiveness of the country.

Attractive company taxation as a locational factor

The Federal Department of Finance (FDF) and the entire Federal Council advocate tax competition within Switzerland as well as internationally. It is understood as an adjustment factor that spurs the state decision-makers to be economical with the financial resources entrusted to them. It forces the politicians and governments of competing locations to combine public services and the tax burden in an attractive manner.

Attractive company taxation and double taxation agreements (DTAs) are important factors in this regard. DTAs with the most important economic partners are fundamental. The aim of DTAs is to overcome obstacles for cross-border economic transactions.

International cooperation in tax matters

The number and diversity of international tax issues is steadily increasing. Switzerland is also affected by this development, and the
country has a great interest in working together with other countries on tax matters. For this purpose, Switzerland participates in various international bodies that discuss topics of international tax law and that elaborate general standards. The focus here is on the OECD and the Global Forum on Transparency and Exchange of Information, which is responsible for monitoring the OECD standard on the exchange of information in tax matters.

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