Country-by-country reports

With the exchange of country-by-country reports is Switzerland implementing a minimum standard of the G20 countries and the OECD to combat base erosion and profit shifting (BEPS).  

On 1 December 2017, the relevant legal framework entered into force. This includes the Multilateral Competent Authority Agreement on the Exchange of Country-by-Country Reports (ACRE agreement), the associated law (ACREA) and the ordinance (ACREO). Multinationals in Switzerland will thus be obliged to start drawing up a country-by-country report from the 2018 tax year. Switzerland will thus exchange country-by-country reports with the following partner states from 2020 and will be able to receive such reports from then at the latest (status as at 23.05.2019):

Andorra8  France1  Mauritius8 
Argentina3  Germany Mexico
Australia1 Greece Netherlands
Austria Guernsey New Zealand1
Belgium Hong Kong9 Nigeria11
Bermuda11 Hungary8 Norway1
Brazil1   Iceland Pakistan2
Bulgaria1 India1 Peru11
Canada Indonesia3  Poland2
Cayman Islands11 Ireland1 Portugal4 
Chile  Isle of Man Qatar11
China8 Italy Romania11
Colombia1 Japan Russia8 
Costa Rica11 Jersey Singapore1
Croatia  Korea1 Slovak Republic1
Curaçao11 Latvia8,12 Slovenia
Cyprus11 Liechtenstein South Africa1
Czech Republic  Lithuania1 Spain
Denmark Luxembourg Sweden1
Estonia4  Malaysia United Kingdom1  
Finland1 Malta Uruguay5   

1 Exchange as of June 2018 (including in Switzerland voluntarily submitted country-by-country reports)

2 Exchange as of September 2018 (including in Switzerland voluntarily submitted country-by-country reports)

3 Exchange as of December 2018 (including in Switzerland voluntarily submitted country-by-country reports)

4 Exchange as of March 2019 (including in Switzerland voluntarily submitted country-by-country reports)

5 Exchange as of June 2019 (including in Switzerland voluntarily submitted country-by-country reports)

6 Exchange as of September 2019 (including in Switzerland voluntarily submitted country-by-country reports)

7 Exchange as of December 2019 (including in Switzerland voluntarily submitted country-by-country reports)

8 Exchange as of 2020 (for tax periods as of 2018)

9 Exchange as of 2021 (for tax periods as of 2019)

10 Exchange as of 2022 (for tax periods as of 2020)

11 These partner states will only transmit and not receive country-by-country reports

12 In Switzerland voluntarily submitted country-by-country reports for the tax period 2016 have been exchanged with Latvia in June 2018. Since then no further country-by-country reports are exchanged with Latvia. Latvia has confirmed to Switzerland that multinational enterprise groups whose ultimate parent entity is resident in Switzerland are not required to file a country-by-country report in Latvia for tax periods 2016 and 2017. 

What is a country-by-country report? 

Country-by-country reports provide information on how the turnover generated and the taxes paid by a multinational group of companies are distributed globally. Furthermore, they contain information on the most important economic activities of the multinational in the individual countries. These reports have to be drawn up by multinationals with an annual consolidated turnover of more than EUR 750 million or the equivalent in the national currency as of 1 January 2015. Approximately 200 groups established in Switzerland are likely to be concerned. 

Country-by-country reports will be transmitted automatically on an annual basis to the tax authorities of the countries where these groups have business units so long as a bilateral foundation for the exchange exists. The data is directed exclusively at tax authorities and will not be published.

Swiss business units of groups which are domiciled abroad can be obliged to submit a country-by-country report in Switzerland in certain cases. However, as Switzerland indicated in the dispatch of 23 November 2016, this obligation will be restricted to cases for which the OECD Model Law makes provision for in the report on BEPS action 13.

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