Ambition: leading worldwide, rooted in Switzerland

Global financial centre

Today, the Swiss financial centre ranks among the most important worldwide and is a major contributor to the Swiss economy. It performs key services for national and international businesses, and for the Swiss population.

Quality, competitiveness, future viability

The primary objective of a Federal Council strategy must therefore be to maintain and develop framework conditions that allow financial services in Switzerland and working out of Switzerland to continue meeting the highest expectations set by its national and international clientele while keeping pace with societal changes. In other words: the financial centre must have optimum conditions in order to remain competitive and future-proof while providing top quality.

Openness, innovation, reliability, trustworthiness

In Switzerland, financial services can rely on an environment that is almost unique in the world as regards its combination of factors: uninterrupted legal, political and financial stability, a competitive and simple tax system, a top-quality infrastructure, openness and a high degree of innovativeness, high expectations in terms of the responsibility and competence of citizens and authorities, and sound public finances thanks to a constitutionally anchored budget policy with a long-term outlook. The COVID-19 crisis has underlined and reaffirmed the importance of reliability, trustworthiness and resilience.

Value creation, sustainability, stability

In the future, too, the financial centre should be able to generate added value and employment in Switzerland, and contribute to sustainable development. FINMA's risk-based supervision and the Swiss National Bank's independent monetary policy continue to be key pillars and complement the Federal Council's policy for a future-proof Swiss financial centre.

Last modification 18.11.2021

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