African financial market

Africa is a continent whose regions, states and social and economic structures are extremely heterogeneous. Africa's development potential means it is an interesting and important future market for Switzerland in terms of financial market services and investments. The financial markets in Africa and Europe differ in many ways. The African market offers numerous opportunities, but is also exposed to risks and dangers.

In 2018, SIF will conduct a detailed examination of the African financial market, financial policy and the governance situation in the area of Switzerland's financial foreign policy. This should lead to specific recommendations on the direction Switzerland's financial foreign policy should take with regards to the African continent. The recommendations will focus on individual business areas, topics or regions or a combination of these. 

In order to ensure the project's success, the Federal Administration, i.e. the FDFA, SECO and external partners, including the Swiss financial industry and networks, will be consulted and included in the analysis.

Last modification 25.11.2021

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