Finanzmarktpolitik quer

Key thrusts

Five key thrusts demonstrate how the Swiss financial centre's opportunities and challenges will be addressed and how the centre's competitiveness should be maintained.

Financial centre promotion

Switzerland has one of the best, most secure and most competitive financial centres in the world. In order for this to be perceived in the global market, the FDF strives to communicate about the Swiss financial centre.

Financial market regulation

The financial markets are among the most heavily regulated sectors of the economy. Important goals of financial market regulation include protection of the individual, system stability, and ensuring the smooth functioning of the financial markets.

Digitalisation of the financial sector

For several years, digitalisation in particular has offered great potential for innovation and had a considerable influence on structural change and economic growth.

Measure to protect Swiss stock exchange infrastructure

The purpose of the measure is to protect the functioning of the Swiss stock exchange infrastructure.


Sustainability in the financial sector

Sustainability in the financial sector is becoming increasingly important both nationally and internationally. While the Swiss financial centre may derive advantages from this, it may also be faced with new risks.

Integrity of the financial centre

Switzerland attaches great importance to preserving the integrity of its financial centre and plays an active role in the fight against cross-border financial crime.

Illicit financial flows

Switzerland takes the problem of illicit financial flows very seriously. It is an active proponent of international standards to combat abuse and has implemented a number of measures to ensure the integrity of its financial centre.

Commodity trading and finance

For a long time, Switzerland has been a major global commodity trading centre. Banks play a key role in the financing of commodity trading.