Switzerland in the G20 Finance Track

At Japan's invitation, which in 2019 will preside over the Group of Twenty major industrialised and emerging countries (G20), Switzerland will participate in the Finance Track again this year. Within this framework, the G20 addresses key issues relating to the global financial and economic system. Switzerland also participates actively in the corresponding working groups and preparatory meetings. It will be represented when high-ranking deputies of finance ministers and central bank governors meet in Tokyo on 18 and 19 January 2019. And Switzerland will also be present when the finance ministers and governors meet in April and in June 2019. 

The discussions in the Finance Track focus on coordinated steps to stabilise the global economy, structural measures to promote sustainable growth and proposals to reform the international financial system. Its aim is to detect crises more effectively and at an earlier stage and to prevent the development of excessive global imbalances. At the same time, the international financial, economic and monetary system is to be made more stable. 

Japan has set its own priorities for the duration of its presidency. In terms of the global economy, the country wants to monitor risks, combat global imbalances and analyse ageing and its political impact. In order to enable robust growth, Japan wants to invest in quality infrastructure, take precautions against the financial consequences of natural disasters, promote the financing of health insurance for developing countries and increase the long-term sustainability of debt. Finally, Japan wants to define measures to counter the structural changes caused by innovation and globalisation. The focus here is on international taxation, market segmentation in the financial sector and the opportunities and risks of financial innovations. 

As a guest country, Switzerland supports the G20 presidency and its priorities wherever possible. It can constructively advance the discussion and contribute to compromise solutions through well-founded contributions. As a neutral state, Switzerland can also play an intermediary role and create goodwill in order to consolidate its participation in the Finance Track.


Last modification 18.01.2019

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