FATCA Qualification Committee

The FATCA Qualification Committee was established on 2 October 2013. It is led by SIF. Also involved are the Swiss Federal Tax Administration, the Swiss Federal Social Insurance Office and the following institutions:

- Swiss Bankers Association SBA
- Swiss Association of Pension Funds ASIP
- Swiss Insurance Association SIA
- Swiss Funds & Asset Management Association SFAMA
- SwissHoldings
- Swiss Association of Asset Managers SAAM
- SIX Group

The Qualification Committee is intended to serve cooperation between the representatives involved. It deals with questions arising from the implementation of the FATCA agreement. Switzerland is not autonomous when it comes to interpreting the agreement, however; the US must be consulted in certain cases. The opinions represent the view of the FATCA Qualification Committee, and the relevant US authorities have been consulted where necessary.

Last modification 19.07.2019

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