4 Insurers and occupational benefits schemes

Number of insurers

Consolidation among insurers in the last decade is reflected in the form of a decline in all insurer types.


Number of occupational benefits schemes, members and benefit claimants

The trend towards collective foundations and community bodies is continuing, as reflected in a decline in pension funds. The number of pension claimants is growing more rapidly than the number of insured persons in active employment.


Assets of insurers, in CHF bn

On the asset side of insurers' balance sheets, fixed-interest securities clearly remained the predominant asset class over the last decade despite low interest rates, although the other asset classes gained in importance.


Assets of occupational benefits schemes, in CHF bn

Over the past ten years, collective assets have become more important in the capital allocation of pension funds. Occupational benefits schemes invest primarily in real estate, shares and bonds, but increasingly also in alternative investments.


Last modification 19.04.2022

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