3 Banks and credit market

Number of banks

Following the global financial crisis, the establishment of holding structures and Swiss subsidiaries caused the number of big banks to double. The continuing decline in the number of foreign-controlled banks reflects the consequences of the structural change in the area of wealth management for foreign assets.


* Parent companies and Swiss subsidiaries of the two big bank groups

Data: SNB

Concentration in the banking system (2020)

Although there are 243 banking institutions in Switzerland, the four big bank institutions account for almost half of the entire balance sheet total.


Credit volume, in CHF bn

The financial sector and the real economy are interconnected through bank lending. In domestically focused banking business, mortgage credits are by far the most important form of credit investment; they tend to be the exception in foreign-facing business.


Securities holdings, in CHF bn

Securities holdings in client bank accounts serve as an indicator of the assets managed in Switzerland's financial centre.


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