Financial dialogues

The FDF/SIF fosters exchanges with the authorities involved in financial matters in important partner countries. Regular exchanges of opinions and experiences take place within the framework of financial dialogues and other bilateral contacts, and cooperation in areas of mutual interest is also deepened.

In the context of such bilateral contacts, SIF deepens relations with important countries, in particular with markets of importance to the Swiss financial centre (including neighbouring countries, other important European countries and important growth markets), members of the G20 and globally significant financial centres. Prioritisation in maintaining bilateral relations is based on the objectives set out in the Federal Council's report of October 2016 on the strategic directions of financial market policy. The exchanges include developments in the international financial system, in financial market policy and regulation, and positioning in international financial forums. The financial dialogues and bilateral contacts also provide an opportunity to raise concerns of the Swiss financial sector, particularly with regard to market access and the legal framework for Swiss financial institutions abroad.

The content and form of the financial dialogues vary according to the partner state. While a broad range of topics was discussed with growth markets and emerging market countries, the focal point of the talks with the EU and the United Kingdom was financial market regulation matters.

Last modification 23.12.2022

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